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tastes like your tongue was originally a solo developed by Ragin, with sound created by Samba Jean-Baptiste. 

it is a cluttered take on the implausibility of innocence, cloaked in the residue of someone else’s words. the room is a riddle, the curtains embroidered with water. vacant breezes nibble at harbored regions, reviving an itchiness like the one that comes just after rolling in grass. moving to the center is a body made of clouds stuck between inner and outer worlds. it turns to find our only distinguished guest rotting near the grates, warning us to be wary of acidity disguised as sweetness.

Ragin has presented tastes like your tongue at ESTIA Day Fest and Fabled Narcissism. During her summer residency at Nancy Manocherian's the cell theatre, Ragin will be inviting new collaborators to expand tastes like your tongue into a hypnotic short film. 

2023 Residency Team

in process photos

by Raine Roberts at the cell theatre

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tastes like your tongue photo gallery 

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