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Ragin is a freelance dance artist based in Brooklyn. 
She develops deconstructed narratives by stringing together contexts of movement, poetry, visual art, and sound. She is drawn to combining detailed physicality and surrealist poetry–providing an intuitive, yet imaginative context for emphasizing nuance. 

She has presented her work at The Tank, Fabled Narcissism, ESTIA Day Fest, and as an artist in residence at the Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation. She was selected for MOtiVE Brooklyn's 2023 Space Grantee Program, and is in the process of generating a new film; created during her residency at Nancy Manocherian's the cell theatre. 

Most recently, Ragin has performed works by Brendan Fernandes, Shaquelle Charles, Headlights Theater, Evan Ray Suzuki, Michelle Thompson-Ulerich, Beatriz Castro, Valeria Gonzalez, Ryan Bailey, Morgan Bobrow-Williams, Troy Ogilvie, La Intrusa Company, and others.​​ She studied at Marymount Manhattan College, where she received a BFA in Dance and a minor in Business Management.

Aside from her freelance projects, Ragin is a member of Wet Hairy Women, Hivewild, Verbal AnimalMORISATO, and Alison Chase/Performance. She works closely with Haley Morgan Miller and Nathan Dies to direct and produce the Fabled Narcissism arts events–aiming to celebrate artists and connect them with their local communities.
first photo by Travis Emery Hackett, second photo by Morgan Borrow-Williams


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