ragin smith

a collection of beads sliding off the string


ragin smith is a dance artist based in brooklyn, new york. 

she works to develop deconstructed narratives by stringing together contexts of movement, poetry, visual art, and music—plugging into the interest sparked by pecking at dormant places. she has presented work at the tank, fabled narcissism, and ESTIA day fest. she is currently an artist in residence at Chez Bushwick.

ragin has performed works by brendan fernandes, valeria gonzalez, morgan bobrow-williams, ryan bailey, troy ogilvie, la intrusa company, and others.​​ she received a BFA in dance and a minor in business management from marymount manhattan college.

aside from her freelance projects, she is a member of the wet hairy women collective, hivewild, pacing bodies, MORISATO, and apprentices with alison chase performance group. she is also a creative director and co-producer of the fabled narcissism arts events.


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